Even as crime dropped over the past three years, Americans consider Chicago the “most dangerous” city in the U.S. Only 33 percent of those surveyed by YouGov said the city was fairly or very safe.

Comparatively, other cities considered dangerous by Americans in the poll were New York City (49 percent unsafe, 40 percent safe), Los Angeles (48 percent unsafe, 37 percent safe), and Washington DC (48 percent unsafe, 40 percent safe).

Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston were voted the safest, possibly due to perceptions of safety tied to gun ownership, the RT report says.

Crime across the country has dropped significantly over the last two decades, but Americans believe shooting murders have increased. The gun homicide rate has dropped 49 percent since 1993, and non-fatal gun crimes dropped 75 percent, the Pew Research Center reports. However, a 2013 Pew survey found that 56 percent of Americans believe gun crime has increased over the last 20 years.


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