Fliers with the names of four alleged campus "rapists" are being circulated at New York's Columbia University.

One flier obtained by CNN has the names of the alleged offenders under the heading "Rapists on Campus." Three of the names include the claim that the men were found "responsible" for sexual assaults by the university. A fourth name is identified as a "serial rapist."

In a statement, an independent, student-run online news site said it demanded that a staff member named on the list "permanently and immediately resign from their position."

Earlier this month, 23 students filed a federal complaint against Columbia University, alleging the school failed to protect victims of sexual assault, according to a statement from the students, said CNN.

T"he complaint alleges the Ivy League university discouraged students from reporting sexual assaults, allowed perpetrators to remain on campus, sanctioned inadequate disciplinary actions for perpetrators and discriminated against students based on their sexual orientation, according to a statement from the students, who are calling themselves Our Stories CU," CNN reported.

The complaint was filed with the U.S. Department of Education, alleging violations of Title II, Title IX and the Clery Act by Columbia and Barnard College, the affiliated women's school, said CNN. In a statement, the university declined to comment on the allegations but said it had taken "a series of significant new measures dedicated to preventing such sexual misconduct."

According to New York Police Det. Marc Nell, none of the four names on the fliers appear in a 2014 database as being involved in any criminal activity, CNN reported.

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