The families of students who were shot and killed in the cafeteria of their high school sued the school district on the shooting's second anniversary.

T.J. Lane opened fire on Feb. 27, 2012 at Chardon High School, killing three and injuring three others. The lawsuit claims someone warned the school before the shooting, and the school did nothing.

The lawsuit also names Lane's uncle and grandparents for failing to secure the weapons used in the shooting. It does not specify how long before the shooting the warning came, and who was warned.

 The lawsuit says: "The Chardon Schools and/or the individual defendants who were whether employed by Chardon Local Schools or served on their Board, were specifically warned and advised for the need for additional security at Chardon High School in order to protect the student body and deter the likelihood of criminal assaults by at-risk students and/or intruders," the lawsuit says. "Despite these warnings and recommendations, Defendant Chardon Schools and/or their Board and Administrators failed to provide the additional security, procedures and politics to prevent and deter criminal attacks from happening.

"The shooting incident occurred within and on the grounds of public buildings used for government functions and is due, at least in part, to employee and board negligence, reckless conduct, willful indifference, malice conscious disregard, as well as, physical defects in the facilities."