Two employees of the Flint School District in Michigan are suing the district, claiming that they were wrongfully targeted for termination, lost wages and have suffered damage to their reputations, according to an article from MLive.

District security workers Ricky Buggs and Bobby Jones were escorting an unruly student at Flint Northern High School last March when the student attacked Buggs and the two fell to the ground, according to Tom Pabst, the two workers’ attorney, who claimed that the student flailed about and hit one of the men in the eye.

According to the article, Pabst says that district officials improperly filed a report stating that Buggs punched the student, and that the situation had been mishandled.

Representatives from the school district declined to comment.

The two men were placed on leave for several months, but returned to work after the school board declined a request to fire them, the attorney says.

Pabst also said that he estimates Jones missed out on $6,000 in wages and Buggs lost around $3,000, the article says.