While all levels of in-office employees tend to exude high-risk behaviors while working from home, senior managers admitted to doing it more readily. 

The poll by security firm Stroz Friedberg of 764 U.S. information workers who use a computer regularly for their jobs shows risk behaviors ranging from uploading work files to personal emails to accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong person. 

Eighty-seven percent of senior managers said they regularly upload work files to a personal email or cloud account, while 58% said that have mistakenly sent sensitive information and 51% have taken sensitive files with them after leaving a job – twice as many as lower-level workers.

More than 50 percent of respondents gave Corporate America’s response to cyber threats a “grade C” or lower in the poll, with nearly three-quarters of respondents expressing concern that a hacker could breach their employers’ computer systems and steal personal data.

Stroz Friedberg says it's more important than ever with the proliferation of bring-your-own-devices in the workplace and sophistication of cyber thieves to educate employees at all levels about potential threats, from phishing schemes to weak passwords.

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