According to a Ponemon Institute study, business managers continue to pose the greatest threat to sensitive company information such as customer records, health information and other private data. Despite the best efforts of IT departments, business managers continue to disengage, or turn off, their laptops’ encryption solution - exposing company information to thieves should the computer go missing. The annual “Human Factor in Laptop Encryption” study tracks the perception of the effectiveness of encryption solutions and actions taken by IT and business managers to secure their laptops. This year’s expanded study was conducted in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden, in addition to the United States. The study found that 15 percent of German and 13 percent Swedish business managers have disengaged their encryption solution. In contrast, 52 percent of Canadian, 53 percent of British, and 50 percent of French business managers have disengaged their encryption, while U.S. business managers are the most likely to circumvent company data security policy - topping the survey at 60 percent. More information from: