In response to criticism that passengers were not kept informed after the Terminal 3 shooting in November, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will create a response team to assist travelers during emergency operations, Daily Breeze reports.

The outline for the new program – Airport Response Team (ART) – was recently shared with employees, and the airport is seeking volunteers among the LAX workforce who could respond when the team is activated. Major duties would be communicating with passengers and airport visitors.

After the Nov. 1 shooting, many travelers said they were not told what was happening, and many waited for hours on airport roadways, not knowing when they would be let back into terminals. Due to road closures near the airport, travelers who wanted to leave were forced to walk long distances, the article reports.

The ART team members would be mobilized to pass out water, snacks, diapers, formula and blankets. They would also take customer calls on a special phone information line and assist with crowd control. Many are expected to speak languages other than English. The team will start with about 100 members but could grow to 300.

The response teams will consist of airport employees who usually have no duties during emergencies, and they could be called in to work at any time.