The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Washington Redskins held a joint tabletop exercise with local law enforcement and first responders to review and test plans to respond to a public safety emergency FedExField. Exercise participants discussed security measures in place at the stadium, employee training, evacuation and traffic management plans, and public messaging during and after a potential incident. The exercise was not in a response to any specific threat, but was part of an ongoing collaborative relationship between CISA and the Redskins to keep fans in and around the stadium safe.

“Success on the football field requires not only having a solid game plan, but practicing and adapting that plan as needed to ensure the team is ready for the big game.  Having a safe and secure environment for fans at the stadium is no different,” said CISA Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security Brian Harrell.  “Today’s exercise was a team effort between CISA, all levels of law enforcement, emergency responders, and the Washington Redskins’ team and stadium personnel.  We look forward to building upon these already strong relationships because by working together, we can help ensure the safety of fans and workers attending the game.”

“The safety of our fans, staff and everyone attending events at FedExField is our number one priority.  We cannot do this alone and we appreciate our partners in government, law enforcement, private sector security, and throughout the community who work to keep all of our visitors safe while they enjoy their time here with us,” said Chris Bloyer, Washington Redskins Senior Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience.  “Fans can come to FedExField with the confidence that we are doing everything we can in concert with our partners to give them a safe and enjoyable game day experience.”

“The partnership between the NFL, our member clubs and the Department of Homeland Security is crucial for us to evaluate the robust security plans we have in place,” said Cathy Lanier, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer for the National Football League.  “The commitment of the team at FedExField has continued to push them to the top of the security industry. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this important exercise.”

CISA works with sports leagues, teams, stadiums and arenas, and other large venues around the country to develop and exercise response plans for all of the potential threats in today’s environment. CISA participates in approximately 30 exercises a year, and the agency has staff strategically located throughout the United States to advise businesses, schools and other organizations of all sizes on ways to enhance their security and resilience.  Resources and tools are available on the agency’s website through its Hometown Security initiative.