The Lancaster. Pa. Community Safety Coalition is embarking on an "Adopt-A-Camera" campaign to raise funds that will help pay for the coalition's 161 surveillance cameras deployed around the city.

Coalition chairman DJ Risk said, "Our all-volunteer committee believes this fundraiser will generate interest among individuals and businesses who wish to support LCSC's efforts in enhancing Lancaster's community safety." 

One-third of the non-profit coalition's budget is funded through donations. Another third is funded by grants obtained by city government and the final third comes from a grant provided by the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office.

 The money obtained through the Adopt-a-Camera program will go toward maintenance of the cameras and the cost of monitoring the video feeds. 

Except for a number of cameras that already are being funded, donors can choose to adopt a camera at a specific location. Supporters of the program will be listed on the website, and also will receive an annual report showing how their camera was utilized.