A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to pay for school security by taxing violent video games.
State Rep. Chris Quinn, R-168 has introduced HB 2704 and 2705, with a 10 percent tax be placed on video games labeled "mature' or "adult only" to raise $3.5 million for educational security. He wants the money to be spent on bulletproof glass, metal detectors and security cameras, says a news report.
An October 2018 USA Today story highlighted the link between violent video games and physical aggression.
In his memorandum seeking support for his bill, Quinn wrote, “One factor that may be contributing to the rise in, and intensity of, school violence is the material kids see, and act out, in video games. The National Center for Health Research recently posted an article finding ‘studies have shown that playing violent video games can increase aggressive thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in both the short-term and long-term. Violent video games can also desensitize people to seeing aggressive behavior and decrease prosocial behaviors such as helping another person and feeling empathy (the ability to understand others). The longer that individuals are exposed to violent video games, the more likely they are to have aggressive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.'”