The Why Education Security Graduated to PSIM Technology Webinar educates viewers on PSIM technology and its use at a Colorado school district.


The director of security at Littleton Public Schools in Colorado discusses how PSIM technology has integrated the school district’s security systems and streamlined data and responses.

Littleton Public Schools has 16,000 students and 3,000 employees to protect. In an effort to upgrade the district’s security systems and integrate data and applications, Guy Grace, director of security at Littleton Public Schools decided to implement PSIM technology.

A key portion of the Why Education Security Graduated to PSIM Technology webinar focuses on educating viewers about what exactly PSIM or physical security information management software is and how it can connect multiple devices and multiple systems through one user interface. Dean Novak, CEO of OSSI, talks about what PSIM does, how it works, what the capabilities are, and how it analyzes, collects and reports data.

Learn how companies or schools can integrate video, access, intrusion, fire, perimeter, building automation and other systems through PSIM. Grace shares his experiences implementing and using PSIM technology, and how it has provided his security team and staff at the Littleton Public Schools with greater situational awareness.

Some of the goals of Littleton Public Schools were to keep as much of their existing security infrastructure and databases as possible when upgrading to a PSIM software. Both Novak and Grace take readers through the steps they need to know to most cost-effectively and efficiently upgrade to PSIM technology and what they need to look for in order for the technology to cause as little disturbance to practices and procedures as possible.

At the end of the webinar, Novak and Grace answer an array of listener questions, covering examples of how Littleton Public Schools uses its PSIM solution, to the pros and cons of integrating other building functions such as lighting and HVAC into the PSIM. This webinar is a must for a thorough education on PSIM technology and its capabilities.

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