Especially in K-12 environments and in certain locations or situations within higher education, the ways that staff and security manage visitors can make a crucial difference, according to Patrick V. Fiel Sr., a recognized national campus security expert. (Elsewhere in this Solutions By Sector report, Fiel also provides advice on active shooter and workplace violence mitigation.)

Once a visitor is approved to enter the building, he or she must immediately check in at the front desk or office. Before a temporary badge is printed for the person to wear at all times while in the building, he or she must show government-issued identification for screening purposes. There are visitor management systems that tie directly into FBI, state and local law enforcement databases to check for criminals and registered sex offenders. It is also easy to program local exclusion alerts, such as unwanted visitors, fired employees and temporary restraining orders, says Fiel. He can be reached at pvfiel@gmail.comor (910) 789-4265.