The Newtown, Conn., mass shooting of 20 schoolchildren seems to have had an impact in one industry – body armor backpacks, according to a report from Yahoo News and Mother Jones.

The sales of these backpacks, produced by Utah-based body armor company Amendment II, have “gone through the roof.” Demand for the product has completely overwhelmed the company’s website. Amendment II president Derek Williams says that the company tripled the average monthly sales volume of backpacks in just one week.  

The carbon nanotube armor comes in kid-friendly Marvel Avengers or Disney princess versions, and at first, the company told Fox 13, just a few were sold at gun shows, mostly to “Doomsday preppers.” Then last week’s massacre came.

However, some parents interviewed for the article note that perhaps sending kids to school in Kevlar backpacks or arming teachers will create more chaos than protection.