Sen. Charles Schumer has called on his colleagues in Congress to immediately pass his bipartisan proposal to tighten oversight of student visas.

 In the wake of the foiled terror plot to bomb the Federal Reserve Bank in Lower Manhattan, Schumer said so-called “sham universities” continue to issue student visas, which serve as a back door for potential terrorists trying to enter the U.S. for a long period.

Federal authorities said Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis came to the U.S. from Bangladesh on a student visa in January and eventually moved into an apartment in Queens.

Schumer said the student visa Nafis obtained from a Missouri university is legitimate, but said his quick transfer to a university in the city should have raised a red flag.

Schumer introduced the increased oversight measure earlier this year after Tri-Valley University in California was shut down for after it was found out they sold 1,500 student visas to foreigners.

Schumer’s bill would close loopholes that currently allow “sham universities” to issue visas and make a huge profit at the expense of America’s safety, the senator said.