Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) has called for uniform safety standards for new Internet- and video-enabled televisions because he says your own TV could be spying on you, a CBS – New York article reports.

Many new Smart TVs have cameras built-in for video chat, but they have little or no security. Schumer said that these cameras could be an open invitation to hackers. The senator has contacted two-dozen TV manufacturers, urging them to institute minimum security standards on the devices.

Schumer also says that security researchers have been able to hack into these Internet-enabled devices with ease, giving them access to the TV’s camera and microphone, and allowing them to access personal information, such as credit card data used for Netflix, the article reports.

To date, most of the solutions from manufacturers fall on the consumer, the article says, including recommendations to put tape over the camera or unplug the TV when it’s not in use.