Ten years after the inaugural launch of OSAC in Washington D.C. its India Country Council commenced gatherings.   This week marked the 17th of such meetings, bringing RSOs and constituents from across India and its 6 OSAC chapters for its Annual General Meeting.  Joining them this year were members of the OSAC leadership and RISC teams, converging once again from diverse places around the globe.  This year the rotating General Meeting was held in New Delhi, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary as the nation’s Capital.  We convened at the U.S. Embassy, a building somewhat reminiscent of the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., located on a sprawling compound tucked in the heart of the diplomatic enclave of this beautiful city designed in 1911 by Sir Edwin Lutyens.   

As is often the case of such regional Country Councils, the highlight of this gathering were security updates offered by RSOs from the U.S. Consulates in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.  We also heard from Embassy staff representing Consular Affairs, the FBI, Foreign Commercial Service, and Political Affairs.  Understandably, reviews of acts of terrorism which have captured the headlines of late were at the heart of much of what we discussed. 

This joint delegation to India represents our third and last of this year, earlier efforts having been advanced to Singapore, Russia, and the UK.  Membership of our traveling delegation was again composed of Robert Hartung, Assistant Director, Bureau of threat Investigations and Analysis, David Schnorbus, OSAC Executive Director; and Jim Snyder of ConocoPhillips.  Also joining us this time were George Angelovic of our RISC team and Tim Wier of Accenture. 

Over the last two years, these joint delegations have proven to be what will undoubtedly stand out in my mind as the highlights of my term as Co-chair of OSAC.  Whether it was Baghdad, Mexico, Japan or some other challenged part of the globe, these forays afforded us an opportunity to bolster and see first-hand what sits at the heart of the OSAC value proposition---the Country Council.  Over the last two years I’ve enjoyed sharing with you some of the experiences we’ve had and insights that we’ve gained--an effort to keep you on the Track of OSAC--as we’ve traveled the globe….our Country Council Chronicles.   I want to thank Mark McCourt and Diane Ritchey at Security Magazine for their gracious hosting of this blog and their support generally of our efforts. 

In just over four weeks’ time we will convene again in Washington D.C. for our OSAC Annual Brief at which time I will pass the reigns to a new Co-Chair.  As I do so it will be with the utmost confidence that this 27-year-old institution will continue as the paradigm of Public-Private partnership.  Thanks for all you do to keep that relationship alive, effective, and efficient.  To that end, continue to look for exact dates and times of other Country Council meetings at www.OSAC.gov .  

Regards and best wishes as you advance securely, in partnership with OSAC, the global interests of your various entities.