The Transportation Security Administration will be performing approximately 750 face-to-face security assessments for highway-related transportation organizations, such as truck- and bus-operators, according to a May 29 Federal Register notice.

Currently, the TSA conducts Corporate Security Reviews (CSRs) for these organizations, collecting physical and operational preparedness information, critical assets and key point-of-contact lists, review emergency procedures and domain awareness training, as well as providing an opportunity to share best practices.

Now, the TSA is consolidating several assessment programs into a Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement (BASE) program, similar to the one used for transit systems, the notice says.

“Highway BASE program will continue to be a voluntary, instructive, and interactive review used by TSA to assess the adequacy of security measures related to highway transportation – such as trucking, school bus, and motorcoach industries, privately-owned highway assets that may include bridges and tunnels, and other related systems and assets owned and operated by state departments of education and transportation,” the notice states.

One or two TSA employees will conduct a two- to three-hour discussion or interview with representatives from the owner/operator, collecting information and providing suggestions on four main topics:

1.       Management and accountability,

2.       Personnel security,

3.       Facility security,

4.       Vehicle security.

The representatives will also cover 23 recommended security measures.

The information collected from these voluntary visits will provide the TSA with the input to:

1.       Develop a baseline understanding of a highway entity’s security and emergency management process, procedures, policies, programs and activities;

2.       Enhance a highway entity’s overall security posture;

3.       Identify programs and protocols implemented by a highway entity to represent an “effective” or “smart” security practice;

 4.       Inform TSA’s development of security strategies, priorities and programs for the most effective use of resources.