By the end of June, 10,000 feet of fencing around the edge of Palm Springs International Airport will have been replaced, according to a report by The Desert Sun.

“It was old and worn fencing that required replacement and upgrades in order to enhance the integrity of the airport,” Airport Director Tom Nolan said in the article.

“Every airport has to constantly evaluate its overall security and improve whenever it has opportunities to do so,” he said. “With over 940 acres of property and buildings to protect, there is always a challenge to continue to improve, and this project will greatly enhance our overall integrity.”

Nolan also said that the $3 million project was “long overdue,” noting that the fencing to be replaced is “probably decades old.” Last May, Nolan told the Palm Springs Airport Commission that the fence design will incorporate security cameras, perimeter intrusion control equipment and an additional side control gate, according to The Desert Sun.

Planning and engineering on the fence has been in progress for two years, according to the report, with 95 percent of funding coming from federal aviation grants.