Costs have forced Tampa, Fla., police to cut their wish list of security products for next year's Republican National Convention.

The city trimmed plans to use more than 200 cameras to about 60 to stay within its allocation of about $2 million instead of the $5 million bid it received, the St. Petersburg Times reported. It also eliminated high-tech tools such as helmet cameras and drones.

The cameras must be in position by July 1, the Times report said, because police expect 10,000 to 15,000 demonstrators when the convention meets Aug. 27-30.

Money for the cameras will come from $50 million in federal funds Tampa will get for convention security, the Times said. About two-thirds of the federal money will pay for the 3,000 to 4,000 law enforcement officers officials said they think will be required.

The city also is seeking prices on a sophisticated video management system that can " 'intelligently' recognize normal and abnormal behavior, without the need for human interaction," and alert officials within seconds, the report said.

The system the city wants should be able to track at least 300 moving objects within a single frame, monitor video feeds from at least 25 cameras simultaneously and give remote access to up to 150 users.