Two educational tracks at ISC West, April 5-8, 2011 in Las Vegas, will provide information on collaboration between public and private organizations and security for houses of worship. Register at

Case Study: A New Age of Crimefighting: How Collaboration Between Public and Private Organizations Can Expedite Investigations and Enable Safer Communities

2:45PM - 3:45PM (Wednesday, April 06, 2011) 

Every day, law enforcement, private security organizations and loss prevention professionals accumulate evidence of criminal offenses and information about the suspected individuals and groups that commit them. While criminals are often highly organized in their approach to defrauding multiple businesses across geographies, investigators are forced to operate in silos, addressing only the evidence they collect directly. We're entering a new age of crime-fighting — one in which groups can work together and take a proactive approach to preventing criminal activity. In this session, a panel will offer data demonstrating the unique power of system integration and information sharing between private and public entities. Discussing a recent case involving a major retailer and local enforcement, they will illustrate the ability for local police and private companies to work together and develop new systems to most effectively prevent crime and enable safer communities.

Speakers include Michael Balboni - Former Deputy Secretary for Public Safety, State of NY; Ted Barron - former Vice President/Senior Security Manager, Wells Fargo; Darrin DeFreece - Detective Sergeant of Roseville, CA Police; Gator Hudson - Co-Founder of CrimeDex and Vice President, 3VR Security and Retired Detective, Portland City Police, 3VR Security, Inc.


Case Study: Secure, but Open: Effective Ways for Protecting Houses of Worship

11:30AM - 12:30PM (Wednesday, April 06, 2011) 

Establishing a comprehensive security system within a house of worship can be a precarious balancing act. One the one hand, the organization needs to protect its material assets from thieves, and its visitors from an increasing array of threats to personal safety. On the other hand, the security must exist in a manner that does not hinder the congregation's ability to worship comfortably in a welcoming environment, and do so under a constrained budget. Today, the technology exists to meet all of the contemporary demands of an effective security system. From remote monitoring to pinpoint access controls, there are a variety of solutions that can be tailored to fit any site's specific needs. This session will detail the top challenges facing houses of worship building managers, and how today's emerging technologies can help solve them. It will also detail how security consultants and integrators can best work with houses of worship to create an integrated security solution that is right for their unique needs.

Speakers include Scott Hightower - President, Remote Protection Systems; Dan Keller, American Crime Prevention Institute; and Brandon Reich, Honeywell Security