More than ever, security is an essential need for colleges and universities as they address a host of concerns ranging from access control, campus violence, theft, emergency communications and cyber-crime. An environment so dynamic and complex requires an overall integrated approach, one that is comprehensive to meet today’s challenges, but also visionary to address future requirements. Nova Southeastern University boasts three main campuses, along with being the home to an oceanographic center, museum, research institute and the training facility for the Miami Dolphins. Over the last several years, Nova has worked to develop a nationally recognized model for campus safety and security programs.
During a webinar on November 3, you will hear about that strategy to create a safe campus environment including:
  • The process underwent to define current and future security requirements
  • The role of active communication with students and faculty How to take advantage of technology to develop situational awareness
  • Best practice usage of technologies such as access control, video surveillance, mass notification and more
  • Areas within existing infrastructure that can be further leveraged to minimize costs
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