By 2014, more than 50 percent of all network cameras shipped will be HD or megapixel resolution, says a report by IMS Research.
The report says that one of the main benefits of network security cameras has been the availability of megapixel (and more recently HD) resolutions, a feature that until recently analog video surveillance products had been unable to offer. However, recent developments from the HDcctv Alliance, the organization responsible for developing the high definition over coax standard (based on the industry HD-SDI broadcast standard), could see end-users given a greater choice when specifying megapixel and HD surveillance requirements.
The report says there appears to be little disagreement between protagonists of high definition video surveillance that video surveillance systems are transitioning from analog video to networked systems; however, there is discord regarding the system topology needed to achieve this. For customers looking to capture high definition and megapixel video, this can be done using a “pure” network video solution or by using an HDcctv analogue video surveillance solution that brings the data onto the network using an Ethernet enabled DVR, the report says.
Despite the potential impact of HDcctv, IMS Research forecasts that by 2014 worldwide shipments of HD and megapixel network security cameras will outnumber sales of HDcctv cameras by a factor of 6 to 1.