The video surveillance systems market is set to grow rapidly, not only in terms of technological advances, but also in the adoption of new applications, said a report by Frost & Sullivan. The report, Advances in Digital Video Surveillance and Optical Security Systems, said that  "The world is witnessing an escalation of grave terror attacks as well as threats, increasing the urgency to develop reliable and secure defense mechanisms."
Frost & Sullivan Technical Insights Research Analyst Avanti Chitnis said, "Future enhancements in remote sensing include improved accuracy, resolution, timeliness and convenience of remotely sensed data to render such data more readily available for diverse areas of interest. Research initiatives underway globally range from image compression, data fusion, and image processing to 3D vision, remote sensing, object detection and video analysis."
He added that the video surveillance market is competitive, from small vendors and large market participants. "Competitive factors that should be considered by companies include the ability to integrate products into a complete solution and innovation and differentiation from competitors. Additionally, a proven record of accomplishment in alleviating surveillance systems and strategic partnerships with various layers of the value chain should also be focused on."