Coming this July, the National Food Service Security Council will host its 30th annual conference in New Orleans. The NFSSC annual conference is the premier event for loss prevention, safety, security and risk management professionals in the food service and restaurant industry.

Long known for their role as a back-of-the-store effort, loss prevention and security experts are now taking center stage as daily news programs are filled with product recalls and other food safety situations affecting companies in both real dollars and customer satisfaction.

The role of these professionals is to identify define and minimize loss prevention and risk management opportunities while protecting company brands and customers. Quite a role indeed.

And that’s why the annual NFSSC meeting is so crucial. The NFSSC provides a myriad of educational opportunities and best-practices workshops – all aimed at helping executives and professionals anticipate emergency situations and stay competitive. The interactive meeting is full of practical knowledge, industry networking and an opportunity to see dozens of new cutting-edge products and services being introduced to the industry.

Workshops and sessions cover such topics as

           Pandemic Outbreaks

           Web 2.0 and Social Networking

           Internet Crime

           Cash Management

           Exception Base Reporting

           Telephone Interviewing

           Premises Security Liability

           Much, much more

The NFSSC Annual Conference will take place July 26-29, at the Sheraton New Orleans. For more information please visit, or contact 240-252-5542. 

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