The video surveillance industry is currently challenged with a growing need to assist security camera system designers in improving image quality and adding intelligence while keeping overall system costs down. To address this issue, Texas Instruments Incorporated, announced at ASIS that they are bringing to market an optimized IP network video camera reference design with high definition (HD) image quality and ObjectVideo's award-winning intelligent analytics technology. 

The DM355 Intelligent IP network camera reference design is the result of close collaboration between TI, ObjectVideo, Zero One Technology (ZOT), Aptina Imaging (a division of Micron) and Appro Photoelectron, Inc., and it provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution integrating advanced analytic solutions for video surveillance customers. The reference design is based on the DM355IPNC-MT5IP Security Camera reference design that TI and Aptina Imaging introduced in March.

The new DM355 Intelligent IP network camera reference design builds on the existing solution, which includes TI’s DaVinci™ TMS320DM355 digital media processor and Aptina’s 5-megapixel HD security image sensor, with the addition of a video content analytics (VCA) daughter board. This board implements an embedded solution running ObjectVideo intelligent video analytics software on TI’s DaVinci TMS320DM6435 digital media processor. The camera delivers high-quality HD images, producing a field of view of 1280 x 720 pixels, whereas traditional surveillance systems typically use two D1 cameras each seeing 480 x 720 pixels to capture the same scene (over 2.5 times the resolution as a standard camera). The reference design also provides simple monitoring and notification of security events through a web browser and enables differentiation via royalty-free Linux IPNC application source code and schematics. Sampling in early fourth quarter 2008 from ZOT for US $995, the reference design adds to TI’s existing portfolio of video surveillance solutions available in a wide range of capabilities to meet video security customer needs and price points.

“This is yet another significant step in the evolution of the strong partnership that exists between ObjectVideo and TI,” said Ed Troha, director of global marketing, ObjectVideo. “This IP Netcam reference design brings together the best from some of the video surveillance industry’s top technology providers.”

Comprehensive solution powered by TI, ObjectVideo and Aptina

The DM355 Intelligent IP network camera reference design is powered by two of TI’s digital media processors, the DM355 and DM6435, both based on DaVinci™ technology. Running on the DM6435 digital media processor is ObjectVideo OnBoard®, a set of intelligent video libraries that enable industry-leading analytics to be easily embedded within virtually any device such as cameras, encoders and DVRs. This technology allows for less backend hardware, faster implementation, lower power and cooling requirements and a smaller hardware footprint, thereby lowering the overall cost of ownership. ObjectVideo's numerous patented algorithms enable its industry leading software to intelligently discern objects of interest; distinguish between humans, vehicles and other objects; and continuously track positions for all moving and stationary targets. The VCA daughter board is 41 × 40 mm. 

Additionally, by leveraging Aptina’s 5-megapixel image sensor, image quality is greatly improved with the sensor delivering exceptionally low noise levels and low-light sensitivity, with integrated auto white balance and auto exposure.

“We are very excited to be working with an innovative company like ObjectVideo and are extremely impressed with their proven intelligent video analytics software offerings,” said Danny Petkevich, video surveillance and imaging business manager, TI. “The combination of TI’s digital media processors with ObjectVideo’s industry-leading analytics solution provides for a very advanced, comprehensive solution for our customers in need of high-quality, intelligent IP network cameras.”