Zalud’s Blog has learned that the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) has a partnership with Safe City, a national, community-based initiative uniting businesses, residents, city officials, and law enforcement to build awareness and develop and implement crime reduction solutions.

The revolutionary program was launched in Minneapolis, Minn., and has grown to more than a dozen cities across America. The Safe City model helps reduce common urban crimes like shoplifting, auto theft, panhandling, and assault. The end goal is to make people feel safer, less vulnerable, and free to enjoy their community.

As a corporate sponsor, CPI anticipates that its PrepareTraining program will play a major role in the Safe City program. The PrepareTraining program is an adaptable and expansive curriculum that can be customized to meet the evolving needs of any work environment. With a core philosophy of respect, service, and safety at work, the program offers proactive solutions so organizations can count on confident, well-trained employees who respond consistently and effectively to a variety of challenging situations. Any workplace environment facing difficult or disruptive behavior will benefit from this unique program.

CPI shares in the desire to make cities safer so that citizens can live within their community without fear. For more information about the Crisis Prevention Institute’s PrepareTraining program, visit or call toll-free 1-800-787-5166. For more information about the Safe City model, visit