In order to combat major crimes in Mexico, four states have implemented a surveillance system that can alert police in the area for quick response times. Fourteen Mexican cities currently use the system, with more cities expected to adopt the system soon.

Because of the increasing crime in Mexico, four Mexican states have implemented a new program in a total of 14 cities. In the joint federal, state and local program aimed at reducing crime, GBS Solutions, DVTel’s distributor in Mexico, is overseeing project design and installation.

The DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center platform (iSOC) platform is currently installed in cities located in the states of San Luis Potosi, Durango, Guanajuato and Nuevo Leon, and is scheduled to be deployed in at least four more cities. In each state deployment, the various city surveillance systems feed video back to a central command control center, located in the state capital. The 300-plus cameras that have been deployed across the 14 cities monitor main streets, city-center avenues and highways. When real-time incidents are observed, central command personnel provide incident and suspect information and direct nearby law enforcement to take appropriate actions.

Both state and city government security personnel have praised the system as an open, flexible platform – one that can be expanded upon, as two of the states already plan to do. Jorge Vasquez, GBS general manager, commented that the installation process and end-user satisfaction to date have been so impressive, he’s anticipating the next step, “The federal government may be looking to standardize on a single platform to roll out to all Mexican states.”