It’s called Bitaqae ID card management and issuing system for Dubai International Airport. The solution, only found in two other airports worldwide, introduces the use of smart card technology at new electronic gates (eGates) in the airport, designed to reduce delays and enable registered passengers automated entry or exit through the airport.

Over 25 Zebra Card Printers are now being used at the airport to produce the contactless smart cards needed to accelerate immigration procedures and enable passengers to merely swipe their cards and have a three second fingerprint scan and then they are free to move quickly through the

With air travel on the increase in the Middle East and a heightened need for security at all airports, Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department acknowledged the need to introduce electronic gates to speed up access through Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department recognized the need to offer a completely automated solution to enable quick access to passengers at Dubai International Airport. The resulting solution introduces a card management and issuing solution, Bitaqae, which controls the data entry, enrollment, issuance system, personalization and RFID encoding capabilities and produces contactless smart cards using Zebra printers with Mifare smart chip cards.

“The e-Gate project is the result of over 10 months of concerted efforts by the staff in our IT department and has been devised using cutting edge technologies that ensure accuracy and speed,” said Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Majid Lootah. The use of leading technology including contactless access control and biometric identification has enabled a “fast-track” movement of passengers through the arrivals and departures area at Dubai International Airport.