Williams Scotsman Intl. Inc., Baltimore, recently announced a strategic partnership with DeWALT Industrial Tool Co. to integrate the SITELOCK portable wireless alarm system into its mobile office fleet for use on construction jobsites.

With theft being the number-one concern for contractors, Williams Scotsman’s mobile offices for construction sites will come equipped with a jobsite security portable alarm system base unit and motion sensor(s). Customers agreeing to usage terms need only follow simple instructions to lease and activate the system.

“Theft on a construction jobsite not only results in financial loss but stalls the timeline for building completion,” said Gerry Holthaus, president and CEO of Williams Scotsman.

According to a study conducted by DeWALT, losses of more than $1 billion in the U.S. each year are due in part to a lack of effective security solutions for jobsite assets. The National Association of Home Builders recently reported that residential jobsite losses account for an annual 1-2 percent increase in the cost of building a new home.

“[The] technology addresses a very real and immediate need in the construction business,” said Chris Allen, vice president of the Security Business Group for DeWALT. “Our system and wireless technology offering enables Williams Scotsman’s customers to simultaneously monitor multiple areas on the jobsite and ensure the highest level of security – allowing them to focus on the job and increase overall productivity.”

The system works through a base unit stationed in an indoor location, most often the jobsite trailer. Remote sensors, such as a container vibration sensor, security cable lock, indoor motion sensor and door/window contact sensor, can be programmed individually to monitor key assets and areas on the jobsite. If an intruder tries to enter a secured area, disturb a piece of protected equipment, or remove a sensor, the sensor sends a wireless message to the base unit the alarm activates and a signal is sent via wireless cellular technology to a monitoring service.