Similar to high-tech car bomb jammers, arena and stadium security executives are reviewing a frequency spectrum jamming system that could protect facilities from radio-controlled explosive devices.

One company, Security Intelligence Technologies of New Rochelle, N.Y., has an intelligent bomb jamming system that uses tower-mounted stations in combination with mobile stations to provide protection for stadiums, arenas and temporarily crowded entrance areas.

Intelligent sensing RF receiving equipment in towers and minibuses transmit and receive signals to detect, locate and jam RF controlled explosive devices, while creating zones of overpowering interference in the RF spectrum. The system prevents the use of RF explosive triggering objects including cell phones, pagers or similar electronic products used in terrorist operations in addition to jamming virtually all radio-controlled devices smuggled into the facility, rendering them inoperable, the company claims.

A stadium-centered computer serves as the main control of system operations and executes all frequency-finding procedures. Jamming stations providing local jamming to all entrance areas can be extended by the addition of mobile stations driven around the stadium. The towers and mobile units may serve as observation posts for security teams.