Consumer trust was analyzed in a recent report by Telesign. The report focused on how artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted digital trust. 

Nearly all Americans (87%) believe brands are responsible for protecting users’ digital privacy. Yet, when it comes to their perception of AI’s impact on their digital privacy, 44% of U.S. respondents believing AI/ML will have no difference on their susceptibility to digital fraud.

 Seventy-two percent of voters worldwide fear AI-generated content will undermine upcoming elections in their country. In the U.S., which is set to hold its presidential elections this November, 45% of respondents report seeing an AI-generated political ad or message in the last year, while 17% have seen one sometime during the last week.

Seventy-five percent of U.S. respondents believe misinformation has made election results inherently less trustworthy. Eighty-one percent of Americans fear that misinformation from deepfakes and voice clones is negatively affecting the integrity of their elections. Fraud victims are more likely to believe they have been exposed to a deepfake or clone in the past year (21%).

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