A goal of the editorial team at Security magazine is to provide insightful thought-leadership focused content from security leaders to our readers through as many routes as possible. One way we do this is through our podcast channel, The Security Podcasts.

In addition to our monthly eMagazine and ongoing web coverage, Security magazine regularly releases podcast episodes which feature cybersecurity and physical security leaders from various industries. These security professionals share insights and stories from their experiences and careers providing leadership advice and discussions on emerging security threats and trends.

In addition to the podcast episodes featuring interviews with security leaders in the industry, for the past three years Security has been bringing readers the Cybersecurity & Geopolitical Discussion. This monthly video podcast streams live on LinkedIn and is also available on our website after. Each month, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Cyjax Ian Thornton-Trump CD, Partner at Red Goat Security Lisa Forte, and CEO of Grey Hare Media Philip Ingram MBE, ruminate on some of the biggest issues and current events in cybersecurity and geopolitics facing the world today.

Below is just a sampling of some of the most recent podcast episodes featuring conversations our editors at Security editors have had with security professionals.

Navigating the Identity Security Landscape

In this episode of The Security Podcasts featuring Jeff Reich, Executive Director of the Identity Defined Security Alliance, we discuss the challenges security professionals are facing in the evolving landscape of identity security threats.

"Something we see often is when we were asking the question, 'how long do account stay active or in your system after someone leaves your organization?' And certainly there are a number of organizations that say within two days it's been disabled and turned off and maybe even deleted. There are a number that say within a quarter, but, surprisingly, there is a measurable double-digit percentage number of organizations that say 'we never really delete accounts, because we don't know what's going to happen if we do.' So abandoned accounts, every time you have an abandoned count, that's not being watched. That means someone else could be doing something to it, and no one will notice." – Jeff Reich, Executive Director of the Identity Defined Security Alliance


Emerging National Security Threats

Felipe Fernandez, Chief Technology Officer at Fortinet Federal discusses the challenges and opportunities for enterprise security professionals in the scope of national security.

"I think that the landscape just really has grown quite a bit — because you know, digital transformation, right? I think that's something that's changed almost the acquisition of anything. IT, OT, all of that is prevalent in almost any capability that a government organization is acquiring for whatever the reason is, whether it be at operational efficiency, desire or a new capability they want to deploy, and so you have to look at, you know, cyber threats just in every avenue and every facet." – Felipe Fernandez, Chief Technology Officer at Fortinet Federal


How Do Security Leaders Protect PII and Other Important Data?

With rapidly changing restrictions and guidelines, security leaders have to be careful when protecting personally identifiable information (PII). From company-wide information to a single employee's password, data is everywhere in modern-day life.

Shiva Nathan, Founder and CEO of Onymos, provides insight to recent government requirements for PII protection and how security leaders can implement them.


The Real Space Race: Inside Geopolitics and Security of a $1.8 Trillion Industry

In Episode 22 of the Cybersecurity & Geopolitical Discussion, hosts Ian Thornton-Trump CD, CISO for Cyjax, Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Security and Philip Ingram MBE, CEO of Grey Hare Media debate the geopolitical and security dimensions of the current global space industry.

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