New research by WatchGuard Technologies has revealed key threats observed by researchers within the first quarter of 2024. This includes network and endpoint security threats as well as the top malware observed.

The top 10 malware detections in the report are the following: 

  1. Generic.3112968
  2. GenericKD.70489621
  3. Heur.RP.Cu2@b8XQ9afj
  4. Ursu.6302
  5. (Android) Generic.15257
  6. Heur.RP.Cu2@bGGIINgj
  7. Linux.XORDDoS.AT
  8. Heur.RP.Cu2@b8XPSEbj
  9. Vundo.FKM
  10. Trojan.Jeki.2

The greatest malware volume was observed in the Asia-Pacific region at 62.7%. This is followed by a group of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which accounted for 22.53%, then the Americas at 14.71%.