In a year of global elections, next up on July 4 the UK decides on its next government after 14 years of rule by the right-wing Conservative Party. In this episode, our regular panel of CYJAX CISO Ian Thornton Trump, Red Goat Security’s Lisa Forte and Grey Hare Media’s Philip Ingram pull apart the scenario to uncover what the impact could be on national and global security.

Appetite for change in a climate of disinformation

Looking at the current UK polls, our panel discusses whether the predictions can be trusted. Possible outcomes are examined, along with their impact on a current global stage dominated by conflict and uncertainty, and the UK’s international influence and reputation.

A snap election called by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has left little time for political campaign planning. This has stoked sound bites and disinformation as competing parties strive to make the biggest impact by scoring points over their rivals. Our panel explains why this opens the door to external interference from those that would gain from disrupting the democratic process and drive instability in a country that has extensive geopolitical influence.

Coming Clean on Security

One of the most eye-opening UK election pledges to date is the Conservative’s sudden commitment to introducing National Service for 18-year-old Brits. Our panel dive into the detail to decide whether this is merely sound-bite sensationalism or a credible security strategy that other countries should take on board.

Could the move be a way of shoring up an underfunded UK military by stealth, and how would this policy affect the armed forces? Does this election create an opportunity to stop the serial bluffing about defense capabilities and actually pledge action to solve the problem? Or would this be far too close to the truth for the UK and other major world powers?

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Geopolitical, cyber and security implications of upcoming British election - Episode 23

In episode 23 of the Cybersecurity & Geopolitical Discussion, our trio of hosts debate pull apart the scenario of the upcoming UK election to uncover what the impact could be on national and global security.

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A Matter of Trust

As disinformation reigns and a deep fake of Labour Leader Keir Starmer causes consternation, our panel examine whether the resulting skepticism and apathy among UK voters could ultimately decide the outcome of this election. With social media growing in importance as the main political battleground, influencers weald increasing power, click bait rules and hackers look set to have a field day, further eroding trust. What will this ultimately mean for the UK and its global partners? 

Find out all this and more in our latest episode which dissects the perils of modern elections through the lens of the UK.

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