A report by the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) examined the identity security systems within large organizations. The study revealed trends in common identity incident vectors and direct organizational influence. It also analyzed the impact of trends such as cyber insurance, artificial intelligence (AI) and the shifting regulatory landscape. Among the studied organizations, 90% claimed to experience an identity-related event in the last year. This percentage remains consistent with the percentage from 2023. 

More key findings from the report include: 

  • The most prominent identity-related incident experienced was phishing at 69%. 
  • Stolen credentials were the second-most experienced incident, accounting for 37% of identity-related incidents. 
  • Direct business impacts were experienced by 84% of identity stakeholders. This is an increase from 2023, in which 68% reported direct business impacts. 
  • 45% of companies reported experiencing a negative reputational impact after an identity incident. This is an increase from 2023, in which 25% reported negative reputational impacts. 

Managing identity sprawl is a major focus for 57% of organizations.