A report by Brivo provides insights from physical security teams in financial services, manufacturing, technology, retail and more. The report surveyed 850 security professionals from the United States, the U.K. and Europe. 

In this report, security leaders stated that budget constraints were a notable barrier in the process of adopting new technologies. CSOs reported having authority over only 42% of their organization's security budget. At the same time, 60% of large businesses intend to invest an annual amount of more than $1 million into AI over the next three years, and 36% of security teams are uncertain whether current systems in place can properly protect the facility and its employees. 

Many physical security teams lack the authority to take advantage of evolving security technologies. For those that do have access to new technologies, integration into current systems often presents a unique challenge. The difficulty to integrate systems was reported as an even larger challenge than budget constraints. 

A majority of surveyed security professionals agree that CSOs need a greater authority over security budgeting. The surveyed professionals view the CSO role as increasingly important; therefore, the increased budget authority is seen as necessary to meet security goals.