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In addition to our monthly eMagazine and constant web coverage, Security magazine releases bite-sized podcast episodes featuring cybersecurity and physical security leaders from across the industry. From team leadership advice to explorations of emerging security threats, our podcast guests share stories from their careers for the betterment of the industry at large.

The episodes below represent a selection of dynamic conversations Security editors have had with security professionals about current trends, predictions for the future of the industry, and more.

“If your image of a hacker is still the disaffected 20-something living in his mother’s basement, that’s not the adversaries that we’re talking about.”
— Michael Daniel, President & CEO at Cyber Threat Alliance

Strong Security Posture Means Building Effective Partnerships

Michael Daniel, President & CEO at Cyber Threat Alliance, discusses sharing threat intelligence with other organizations, as well as the challenges faced when establishing effective partnerships in the security industry.

“Interdepartmental collaboration is a vital piece of having a successful security department in healthcare. Our officers really touch every facet of the organization.”
— Holly Rasche, Director of Security Management Services at Northwest Community Healthcare

AMA: Healthcare Security Leader Edition — Holly Rasche

What are the unique challenges of securing a healthcare environment? How do you keep security team morale up? What are the most rewarding parts of a career in hospital security? This AMA episode features Holly Rasche, Director of Security Management Services at Northwest Community Healthcare. Rasche shares the lessons she’s learned from her 26-year career in hospital security, covering topics from how COVID-19 changed the security landscape to the benefits/challenges of contract vs. proprietary security guards in healthcare.

“Cybersecurity leaders in general have this image in their head of what they want. ‘I need a CISSP. I need someone that’s been in the industry from 10 to 15 years… In reality, sometimes your best [cybersecurity team] members don’t have that kind of experience.”
— George Gerchow, Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic

How to Build Future Security Leaders

What challenges do aspiring cybersecurity leaders face while trying to join the field? What can current security leaders do to help them? Answer these questions and more with George Gerchow, Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic.

“For the first time in history, criminal gangs can launder hundreds of millions instantly with absolutely no concern.”
— Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Security

The Cybersecurity and Geopolitical Discussion — Inside Cryptocurrency — Episode 18

Welcome to the enigmatic and frequently problematic world of cryptocurrency. In Episode 18 of The Cybersecurity & Geopolitical Discussion, Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Security, Phil Ingram, MBE, of Grey Hare Media and Ian Thornton-Trump CD, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Cyjax discuss the wide-ranging impact crypto has on geopolitical and economic conflict.

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