2023 has seen a number of security incidents and developments. One of the most noticeable development was the rise in artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has a number of benefits, it also poses a number of both cyber and physical security risks. 

Security leaders have shared their observations and concerns around AI use in 2023.

AI and the workforce

“The introduction of AI in industries like manufacturing, retail and customer service has already led to automation of tasks like assembly line production, inventory management and customer inquiries. For instance, self-checkout kiosks in retail and AI-driven chatbots in customer service are replacing human jobs.


This trend could escalate, affecting a wider range of professions, including those requiring complex decision-making skills, like certain medical diagnostics or legal analysis. The displacement isn't just about job loss; it's also about the pace of change. The workforce may struggle to adapt to new roles that AI creates, leading to skill mismatches and further amplifying economic inequality. In an already struggling global economy, the risk for additional disruptive and violent civil unrest is significant.


Re-skilling programs and education reforms can prepare future workforces to modernize their roles, and potentially new temporary economic models like universal basic income can be explored to address unemployment and income inequality during the significant transition. It’s critical that governments take a proactive approach on how to address these socioeconomic shifts before they occur.” Chad Lesch, Senior Vice President of Strategic Projects at Crisis24

AI and video surveillance

“While AI-based security cameras have been able to significantly reduce errors by reliably detecting humans and vehicles for some time, the next phase of AI will be irresistible to data hungry businesses. Today, technology enables integrators and end-users to train a camera’s AI analytic on-site to recognize unique objects that are important for a business to track or count.” I-PRO security team 

AI risks

“Generative AI has created a world of disinformation. Determining truth from falsehood is the new frontier in the security space. Organizations need processes and tools to corroborate and verify images and social media posts. They should also ensure they have redundant channels of intelligence, so as to not rely on a single source, but also have a way to collect and connect that intelligence data in a meaningful way.” Fred Burton, Executive Director of Protective Intelligence, Ontic