A recent Truecaller report found that Americans receive an average of six spam calls a month. According to the report, Americans receive an average of 2.1 billion spam calls per month, each lasting over four minutes. The report found that Mississippi was the U.S. with the most spam calls per month.

Throughout 2023, Americans spent approximately 195 million hours answering incoming calls. The numbers peak during the holidays, with scams such as charity donations, fake deliveries and vacation upgrades. With artificial intelligence (AI), scammers have more tools than ever to easily target victims and impersonate voices of loved ones, authority figures and government officials.

Scam calls with malicious intent seem to make up the majority of all unwanted communication while others include real sales calls, robocalls from real companies, online surveys and political calls. The report found that the majority of scams in 2023 were related to credit card fraud, identity theft, medicare/insurance, social security, car warranty and debt collection.

The report found that an average of nearly 10% of spam calls received by Americans originates outside the U.S. Read the full report here.