According to a recent Cisco report, 14% of global organizations are ‘fully prepared’ to deploy artificial intelligence (AI). 

While 84% of respondents believe AI will have a significant impact on their business operations, it also raises new issues around data privacy and security. 

Additional findings include:

  • 61% of respondents believe they have a maximum of one year to implement an AI strategy before their organization begins to incur significant negative business impact.
  • 95% of organizations have a highly defined AI strategy in place or are in the process of developing one.
  • 95% of businesses are aware that AI will increase infrastructure workloads.
  • 23% of companies have limited or no scalability at all when it comes to meeting new AI challenges within their current IT infrastructures. 
  • 81% of all respondents claim some degree of siloed or fragmented data in their organization. 
  • 90% of respondents said they have invested in upleveling existing employee skillsets, and 29% expressed doubt about the availability of sufficiently skilled talent.
  • 76% of organizations report not having comprehensive AI policies in place.
  • Nearly eight out of 10 (79%) say their organization is embracing AI with a moderate to high level of urgency.
  • 97% of global organizations reported that the urgency to deploy AI-powered technologies has increased in their company in the past six months.

Read the full report here.