According to a ThreatX report, 97% of consumers are concerned that cyberattacks will continue to grow in volume over the next year. The report found that 13% reported feeling that they are going to be completely protected from cyberattacks in the year ahead.

Results found that the majority of consumers (94%) predict that cyberattack methods become more difficult to defend against in 2024. At the same time, 6% believe new cybersecurity defenses will be able to defend against these new and rising threats to ensure data remains protected and secure.

Of the consumers surveyed, the majority (64%) are most worried about the rising threat of ransomware, followed by 51% worried about the volume of nation state attacks increasing and 46% stated they are most concerned about identity theft in 2024. Half of consumers said that financial services will be the most targeted industry by cyberthreats in the next year, followed by SaaS/tech (45%) and government (22%).

According to the report, consumers plan to adopt security-related behaviors including different passwords for different accounts (56%), two-factor authentication (55%) and avoiding connecting to insecure or public Wi-Fi (53%).