IT leaders were surveyed in a recent mainframe security report by Rocket Software. Fifty-one percent of respondents indicated that they either run all or the majority of core business applications on the mainframe. Twenty-seven percent of survey participants are highly confident in their organization's mainframe security compliance effectiveness.

Thirty-one percent of respondents are fully convinced of their organization's effectiveness in making certain that vendors stick to rigorous benchmarks. According to the report, 62% consistently perform vulnerability assessments and security audits, 58% continuously monitor and update open source for security patches and 54% train developers on secure coding with open-source components. 

According to the report, the United Kingdom relies most on the mainframe for security purposes with 56% of U.K. respondents citing it as the number one ranked reason for the mainframe. When asked about challenges organizations face in ensuring effective mainframe security respondents in the United States noted a lack of awareness about mainframe security risks..

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