According to a recent XM Cyber report, 87% of organizations indicate plans to enhance vulnerability and exposure remediation efforts within the next year. Additionally, 62% of IT and security teams are actively engaged in remediating exposures, handling an average of 12 per week.

Eighty-two percent of companies report an expanding gap between the number of exposures and their ability to manage them. Moreover, the struggle with outdated legacy systems, as reported by 90% of respondents, underscores the difficulty in aligning older systems with emerging threats, highlighting the need for a new approach.

About 45% of organizations identify the cloud as a primary area for enhancing security posture, indicating a shift towards cloud-centric security concerns. However, nearly half of the organizations surveyed manage exposures separately for onsite and hybrid cloud environments. Approximately 68% of companies emphasize the importance of effectively conveying security posture to leadership. 

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