Home security was analyzed in a recent report by Cove. According to the report, half of homes in the United States are protected by a security system, and men were more likely than women to use one. The top three reasons for not having a home security system were cost, low crime and dog ownership.

The report found that 25% of survey respondents have experienced a break-in, and 39% have had an item stolen from their porch. According to the report, safety habits differ greatly by both age and gender. Twenty-two percent of millennials always post on social media while traveling, compared to 13% of gen Z, 7% of gen X, and 1% of baby boomers. Thirty-one percent of women will “definitely not” answer the door for a stranger, compared to 17% of men.

According to the report, home invasion was the top safety concern for both gen Z and millennials, while fire was the top safety concern for gen X and baby boomers. Thirty-one percent of women felt completely safe in their homes, compared to 48% of men.

Eighty-six percent of respondents believe cameras are an important part of a home security system, yet 62% worry that a security company could spy on them through their security cameras. 

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