In this edition of Security’s Top 5 from Security magazine, we showcase the top stories and new developments from across the security industry throughout September. This month, we honor 12 top security professionals in our 2023 Most Influential People in Security awards, discuss MGM Resorts’ recent cyberattack, review tips on preventing workplace violence, and more.

Security's Most Influential People in Security 2023

Security's Most Influential People in Security 2023

This month, Security magazine celebrated leaders who have shaped the security industry with our Most Influential People in Security. This editorial awards project recognizes some of the security executives, industry experts and professionals effecting change, influencing their organizations, and making a difference each and every day in the complex, ever-changing world of security and risk management.

AMA: Cyber Executive Edition - Andrew Wilder

AMA: Cybersecurity Executive Edition — Andrew Wilder

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) video podcast episode from Security magazine, Andrew Wilder, cybersecurity executive, Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity and Member of the Board of Directors at Washington University discusses lessons he's learned about cybersecurity since becoming a professor, and much more.

casino room with machines

Security leaders share thoughts on MGM cyberattack

In September, MGM Resorts released a statement regarding a “cybersecurity issue” affecting company data. The cyberattack, allegedly triggered through a phone call to the resort’s help desk, affected electronic doors, slot machines, elevators and ATMs. Here, security leaders shared their thoughts on the recent MGM breach, highlighting the need for stronger cybersecurity measures.

workplace violence

Leadership is key in preventing workplace violence

No matter the industry, there comes a time when an organization has to deal with mental health concerns and the threat of workplace violence. Here, security leaders discuss the challenges of preventing workplace violence and reducing employee stress in an organization.

John Rodriguez, Founder of Empathic Security Cultures, LLC and former healthcare security executive, says the number one critical component to workplace violence prevention and a psychologically safe workplace is the degree and quality of trust employees have towards leadership.

“Without leadership’s understanding, involvement and continuous support to create and maintain a security culture, the security professional can do just so much with best efforts and intentions — and have some degree of success.”

Human hand and AI Hand

Study finds increase in cybersecurity attacks fueled by generative AI

Deep Instinct's fourth edition of its Voice of SecOps Report “Generative AI and Cybersecurity: Bright Future or Business Battleground?” analyzed threats and stressors caused by generative AI, revealing 51% of security professionals say they are likely to leave their job over the next year.

The study, conducted by Sapio Research, highlights the impact of generative AI in the cybersecurity industry, analyzing the technology’s positive and negative effect on organizations’ security postures and preparedness. The report reveals 75% of security professionals witnessed an increase in attacks over the past 12 months, with 85% attributing this rise to bad actors using generative AI.