Happy Friday, Security readers, and welcome to another edition of the Week in Review.

As the country reels from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we will continue to report on the hurricane’s effect on security.  For now, however, we seek to save you time by putting all of this week’s most popular articles in one place.

In related hurricane news, one of our top articles this week was What Are Airlines’ Duties of Care to Stranded Sandy Passengers? While passengers on European airlines such as British Airways or Virgin Atlantic could receive compensation from their airlines for accommodations, food and beverages purchased while waiting for a flight home, American companies do not carry the same legal responsibility to their passengers.

Businesses are also scrambling to recover as quickly as possible from the damage wreaked by the super-storm. These situations cause a lot of stress within an organization, and it might be striking you now more than ever the importance of choosing the right disaster response team. When you need that extra advice, read Handling Stress in Crisis.

Also, due to Hurricane Sandy, Security Week in New York was postponed, including ISC East, Securing New Ground and the Security 500 Conference. However, the Security 500 Report still published on time – November 1 – and is available for you to read at your leisure:

2012 The Security 500 Report: Earning Your Stripes

2012 Security 500 Rankings

2012 Security 500 Leader Profiles

Other popular news includes:

Security Officers: How Changing Titles Changes Perceptions

3.6 Million Social Security Numbers Breached in South Carolina

The Most Influential People in Security 2012


And now we have some questions for you! We’re working on a few stories you might be able to help us with. So please leave us a comment below or send me an email directly at meyerc@bnpmedia.com if you have an answer you would like to share.

First off – How has your security been affected by Hurricane Sandy and subsequent power outages? Are you working on any plans to manage these risks in the future?

Secondly – What is your top prediction for the security industry in 2013?