Happy Friday, Security readers! Fall is a busy time of year for us here, coming in off of ASIS International in September to hustle right into preparation for our event of the year – the Security 500 Conference.

If you can’t make it, you don’t have to miss out on the experience all together: Attend our free webinar on November 6 to hear Security 500 founder and Security magazine publisher Mark McCourt share his industry insight from the report and the top trends to look forward to in 2013.

But since we know how busy you are, all of Security’s webinars remain archived for a whole year – so if you can’t make it to the live session, you can watch it later whenever you find some free time.

So without further ado, here are your top articles of the past week:

Security Officers: How Changing Titles Changes Perceptions: From Tuesday’s eNewsletter, check out this column to see why security practitioners should take the time to change security guards to security officers, and how much that mental shift can pay off.

The Top 20 Airports for TSA Theft: Nearly 400 TSA employees have been fired so far for theft in the agency’s decade-long existence – does your local airport top the list?

Deciphering Security’s Alphabet Soup of Acronyms: ASTM, IAM, NFC, PIAM – What does it all mean?! If you want a quick refresher course on some of the industry’s many acronyms, check out this Alphabet Soup section and then take a moment to add your own favorite acronym in the comments section!

Shooting at Suburban Milwaukee Mall: After being ordered last week to hand over all of his weapons in a domestic dispute, a man opened fire at his estranged wife’s workplace.

The Top 10 Open Video Management Systems: Another acronym that never fails to befuddle – some VMS (Video Management Systems) are quite unique and serve very niche markets, and other versions apply to a wide range of applications: Which one is right for you?

Security 500 Report to be Released on 11/1: Who will top this year’s Security 500 rankings? Find out on November 1 for the full report.

Online Voter Registration is Vulnerable to Hacking: Data in Maryland online voter registration files may have been left vulnerable to tampering. What practice lead to the this problem?

Report says Cyber-Security Threats Unaddressed by Small Businesses: 77 percent of small- and midsize business respondents in a National Cyber Security Alliance report say their company is safe from cyber threats, but 83 percent have no formal cyber security plan.

How to Hire the Right Security Integrator: Are you planning a new security improvement? Good for you! But make sure that the integrator you choose is the right one – their advice? Test them.

How Cloud Computing Changes Risk Management: How has cloud computing changed the landscape of security, and how can you keep up with the IT-inspired revolution? Find out with our October 2012 cover story.

Plus, don’t forget to check in with us on November 1, at 10 a.m. ET, for the online release of the Security 500 report and the other features from the November edition, such as designing surf-and-turf perimeter security: cutting costs with eco-friendly security: how to get better and more effective mass notification reach; and how to confidently choose a video storage option.

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Oh, and Happy Halloween – check out this “spooky” infographic on the top 10 cyber attacks of 2012.