Welcome to August, Security magazine readers!

Most of this week, I was covering the NCS4 conference in New Orleans, but I’m back in time to provide your Week in Review!

This week saw the release of our August features online, including:

  • The Most Influential People in Security 2012  Each year, Security magazine honors top security executives who positively impact the security industry, their organization, their colleagues and their peers. They change the security landscape for the better. They are nominated by their colleagues and associates, and they are chosen based upon their leadership qualities and the overall positive impact that their security projects, programs or departments have on their shareholders, organizations, colleagues and general public.
  • Preventing Healthcare Crime with Access Control and ID: How can the healthcare industry reduce the number of violent incidents? One of the easiest and most effective methods is the control of access and the use of identification.
  • Debating the Future of Cyber Attacks: Will the next weapon of mass destruction come on a thumb drive?
  • How Enterprises are Detecting Expert Fake IDs: Do you have $200 and a computer? You could have an expert-proof fake ID in your mailbox within a few weeks.

Our most popular articles from July 28–August 3 include:

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