Getting ready for the weekend, Security readers? Well, before you head home for some well-earned rest, catch up on this week’s most popular stories with the Week in Review.

New and Noteworthy

These articles are all new from this week and ranked among our top 10 stories from May 6-11.

TSA Finds Plastic Dagger, Walker-Mounted Knife: TSA didn’t find any snakes on their planes last week, but they did find some carefully concealed weapons… and a speargun. Originally published May 8, 2012.

The Security 500 Goes West!: Security brought its annual conference to the West Coast for the first time. Check out our summary of the event’s attendees and presenters. Originally published May 7, 2012.


Still Going Strong

These articles were published before May 6, but that doesn’t necessarily make them old news!

Beyond the Numbers: What the Stanley-Niscayah M&A Means for You Originally published in the May 2012 print edition.

SECURITY’s Top Guarding Companies Originally published January 16, 2004.

Hundreds of Thousands Might Lose Internet in July Originally published April 24, 2012.

SEC 500: 2011 Rankings Originally published in the November 2011 print edition.

The Top 10 Open Video Management Systems Originally published in the February 2010 print edition.

Security’s Top 25 People in the Security Industry Originally published in the December 2007 print edition.

Workplace Violence: A Scourge Across Diverse Industries Originally published in the May 2012 print edition.

Using Crime Data to Drive and Defend Security Resource Allocations Originally published in the May 2012 print edition.


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