The Transportation Security Agency's "Blogger Bob" Burns reported last week's top finds at airport security checkpoints nationwide, including a plastic dagger, a knife mounted on a walker, and various replica (and non-replica) weapons. 

Plastic Dagger: A passenger at DTW had a plastic dagger hidden in the hemline of her shirt. The weapon was discovered using a body scanner, which, according to Blogger Bob Burns, shows "its strength by finding non-metallic weapons." 

Knife Mounted on Walker: "Usually, the only attachments you see on walkers are tennis balls, but this one had a knife mounted on the front," Burns jokes. 

Tomahawk: Officers in Denver discovered a throwing tomahawk in a carry-on bag. 

Replica Grenades and Mines: Inert grenades were discovered at Tampa and Savannah, and training Claymore mines (with shrapnel) were found at Newark. "We realize that replicas are totally harmless, however, we don't know that until we've gone through all of the motions," Burns says. 

Biohazard: Officers in Austin were quite unsettled when they discovered a label on a package that read "Class 6 Biohazard," but police and fire departments responded and discovered it was merely a water and borax solution. 

More handguns: TSA officers discovered 23 handguns last week; 22 of which were loaded. 

Officers have also discovered spearguns, throwing stars and pepper spray. 

What not to say at a security checkpoint: According to Blogger Bob, people say the darndest things, but these statements can delay the speaker and fellow travelers if the checkpoint has to be evacuated. 

  • While waiting in line in St. Louis, a passenger nodded to another unidentified passenger and told a TSO: "You better check this guy good, he has explosives."
  • A passenger within earshot of Behavior Detection Officers in Tucson stated: "I did not want you to notice the bomb in my shoe."